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on the cusp
it is just that when i let go of you
when i let go
it's hard to remain that perfect without you.
the in-between of love, buds- so full of potential
our love is written in whispers on the pages
of a book which has not yet been opened.
that day, the sun had erased the last lines
of an unforgiving winter from my skin, i was renewed
olive skinned and feeling as if i had just fled the eternal
garden naked as i came- free, fallen.
the sky was dark;
nothing but the blood red smile of the moon
cut through the transient darkness of the night.
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never leave
my eyes scanned the room searching for his face,
his eyes, the curl of his auburn hair. anything.
tonight was my last night here and all i wanted
was to see my love one more time.
the bar was rowdy and those dear to me
joined to send me off to a far and distant land.
but the one dearest to me was no where to be seen.
final memories of crashing plates and bruised hearts
were eclipsed by tender caresses and swelling emotions.
i checked my phone.
i surveyed the happy scene before me.
and then i heard it: his piercing love cry through the crowd.
pleading for me not to leave him, to stay with him, to die with him.
and so did my dear friends. they quickly shuffled me
through the door, placing unnecessary space between me
and love and his roars got louder and his body became too large
for security to keep him from my open arms.
and as i was about to feel complete again, finally,
one of my dear friends blocked us with a violent gesture.
the cops came from god kn
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old meets new by radiant-lights old meets new :iconradiant-lights:radiant-lights 4 1
Mature content
bitter sweets :iconradiant-lights:radiant-lights 4 0
fumbled truths about first kisses
i lost you and found you and lost you and
found that i could be so much more if
only i cared a little less
the nights alone are cold but there
is a warmth in turning away from your cold
gaze that the sun envies
you masterly pluck the tears in my eyes like
the strings of a harp that only sings of
heartbreak and the tune is getting old
the memories linger like the stale taste
of cigarette smoke on skin and regret all
mixed into one, never-ending comatose love
there was a time when there were happy thoughts
but i've become unstuck and alive in the
slaughterhouse of lost love and broken dreams
and time is just something that controlled me a long time ago,
but now it is the time for loneliness,
the kind of loneliness that hugs you and keeps you safe,
the kind where friends come and go and life goes on
because i lost you and found you and lost you and
found that i could be so much more if
only i cared a little less
and frankly my dear, i don't give a damn
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yearning to be the little mermaid
when i was younger i couldn't gracefully
spin myself underwater and push off like the rest
of my team-mates, the world became too disoriented
once i was under so they put me in the slow lane and
instead i plodded along and tapped the wall with my
fingers pushing off with my toes harder than the rest
just trying to keep up.
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the (mis)match
you are the hot burn of a forest fire
when all i want is the cold sting of embers kissing my skin
flames licking softly at my lips pulling away pulling me in
i want the frantic pace of an asymmetrical body
rather than the perfect incline of your colar bone
or the racing heartbeat that starts and never stops
rough hands, smooth words, rough nights
fingers fumbling, falling bodies, laughs of comfort
where are you and where am i that we are in the same place but not on the same page?
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in the meadow land
my watch is telling me that it is far too late
but i know this is just the right time for us
the night is spent going between
magical waking moments and the brief
interludes of our love when the dream world catches us
but we shake free and find our way to our corporal form
and cling to one another so that we won't
be parted again.
"i think the sun is rising"
and i become aware of the fleetingness of our passion
the morning will come and i will kiss you goodbye
and we will go back to pleasantries
until once again the night hour beckons us together
it will be too late,
but it will be just in time.
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a broken vhs reel
sometimes my brain feels like its going
so fast and so slow at the same time
that everything i've ever said, done, thought, felt
happens at the exact same time
i wish i could rewind the tape.
:iconradiant-lights:radiant-lights 5 0
we are between waking moments and drifting daydreams
your tender touch felt in my bones, i wish i could bottle up
with all the other spine tingling moments that pass
with the rise and fall of your chest
misty mornings are the bookends of our love
flittering eyelids keep away the thoughts
i run from in our shared dreams- creaking
realities heard as quite comforts
lies we told ourselves,
lies i believed,
lies i loved.
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tabula rasa
white, static, breaths
like the universal ebb and flow so too am i
in flux, between a state of am and will be and lost
to zero i go again and must plant the seed of hope
hoping for a life devoid of regrets and could haves
would haves
should haves
half of living is no life at all and i'm ready to give it
everything i've got and yet not give it everything that i am
because i lost it all before and i'll be damned if i lose it all again.
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when i cannot sleep
i found a shirt today with the lingering
scent of late nights and early mornings
with you. i put it on before bed tonight
and recalled the calming memories
your cinnamon smell brought back;
first dates and noses nuzzled into necks,
tears of frustration caught in your shirt,
strong arms and fireworks, watching 90s
shows and falling asleepin each others arms.

and soon the memories became dreams and
reality became fantasy became reality.
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the opposite of two
time and circumstance are playing
a tug of war with our hearts
and the battle wages across hundreds of miles.
i threw away the white flag a long time ago.
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olde gold by radiant-lights olde gold :iconradiant-lights:radiant-lights 5 0
we were incompatible- your favorite color was blue
and mine was the color of the ocean as the sun
wishes it goodnight.
you took my leaving as a sign that I did not love you,
when really it was because i loved you too much.
that day our story together ended.
shattered plates and panting, defeated bodies sitting
across the room marked those last days. days when
i could hardly look at your face without wanting to hurl
insults at it. just passing by your belongings reminded
me of what you had done and it made me sick of love.
silence was better, but it was also worse.
you sat across the table every night that week; refusing
to say a word. finally when you spoke i wished you hadn't.
the downward spiral had begun and i didn't know how to
stop my life from slipping between my fingers.
i was sitting in the coffee shop when i saw you with her.
you didn't see me but i knew in that moment that you wouldn't
have cared even if i had. you wouldn't care that i knew that
you didn't love me.
we laid in
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swan song by radiant-lights swan song :iconradiant-lights:radiant-lights 14 3




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quiet, reserved, the calm before the storm
all i want is to find beautiful moments and keep them forever.

saltwatersleep is a kindred soul. she writes about the truth and her feelings are more real to me in her typed words than mine are within me. she is my tipity top favorite person on dA. give her some love.



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