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his eyes looked at me with disdain. i thought that once i had broken through his barriers his eyes would smile and his laughter would ring through every fibre of my body and that his cheeks would glow. instead all i felt was a greater coldness. except now it wasn't just a general feeling- it was directed very pointedly at me.

"you're not who i thought you were," he growled through clenched teeth. his words left me feeling that he wanted to say something angrier, something more malicious but he held back. even when his defences were down he was still calculated.


do you think that maybe you never knew me? that you built up an ideal image of someone unattainable yet appropriate for you? i pleaded with my eyes. but it was no use. he wouldn't even look at me. he knew, he finally knew, that he had built me up to that ideal because he felt it would be everything he deserved. now he saw, or rather didn't want to see, that he really didn't deserve it at all. ideal or not- he didn't deserve me. and now he couldn't bear to look at me, for fear that in my eyes he would see the truth, about me, and about him.


"i don't even know you anymore," he said as he casually put up a facade of arrogance, pretending he was once again better than me.

oh but the truth is you know me better than ever. you finally know me.

i couldn't see his face anymore, but his shoulders slumped as he walked out of my life. i like to think he learned his place that day. but who am i kidding. nobody's perfect.
sometimes i get little glimpses of lives that are not my own. sometimes they are inspired by things occurring in my life, as exaggerations or they're subtly influenced. other times they are purely the result of my over active imagination. this is one such occurrence. it's not terribly good but it's in my mind, and now i'm sharing.

i had written it all out then accidentally hit cancel. that sucked. hopefully i remembered the wording right.
sasunaru16 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love this <3
"do you think that maybe you never knew me? that you built up an ideal image of someone unattainable yet appropriate for you?"
Thank you , you've brightened up my day.
It's a bitter piece, but it holds such honesty and clarity... Everyone who's ever gone through a break-up should read this. <3
radiant-lights Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thank you!
i am so happy that it made you feel something
positive. i wish you all the happiness in this
new year (:
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